Design to Touch (Student/Faculty Discount, 20-pack)

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Design To Touch is a comprehensive visual and technical guide to engraved printing and graphics from its historic origins to present-day use. The book also includes thirty exquisite and colorful engraved pages.

Engraving is a truly extraordinary printing medium. The raised surface and deeply saturated color creates a highly "touchable" and memorable result. Engraving has the look of hand-craftsmanship yet the process is capable of producing thousands of perfect impressions!

220 pages, 140 illustrations in color, including 30 engraved pages, 31 different Crane, Mohawk, and Neenah paper stocks.

ISBN-10: 0983790302
ISBN-13: 978-0983790303

AUTHOR: Rose Gonnella, Erin Smith (Art Direction, Design, Illustration), Christopher Navetta (Research, Photography)

CONTRIBUTORS: Matteo Bologna, Jon Contino, Ray Cruz, Louise Fili, Steff Giessbuhler, Jessica Hische, Martin Holloway, Robert Louey, Gregg Lukasiewicz, Michael Osborne, Stefan Sagmeister, Steve Sandstrom, Robynne Raye, Regina Rubino, Michael Vanderbyl, Jody Williams

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